Judy Tuwaletstiwa is a visual artist, writer and teacher. Her work resides in private and museum collections nationally and internationally. 

After earning Degrees in English Literature from U.C. Berkeley and Harvard University, she discovered the power of visual art to connect us to the deepest part of ourselves. She has spent her life exploring and expressing this, using different media. 


As a teacher, she helps people explore their unique creative vision.


She writes:


Art has taught me that walls and doorways are the same thing.

Art has taught me that an image can be a transformative gift of healing.

Art has taught me that what we see is only a fraction of what is there.

Art has taught me that the longer I make art, the greater the mystery.


The Dream Life of Objects, her solo show at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico runs from June 7thto September 15, 2019. call 505.982.1338 for information.

Radius Books published her books, Mapping Water (2007) and Glass (2016).

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